Are You a Good Candidate for Invisalign®?

Are You a Good Candidate for Invisalign®? from Gentle Touch Dental Care in Forest Hills, NYWith Invisalign®, people who want a more inconspicuous alternative to braces now have a solution. Invisalign's transparent aligners provide a discreet and effective treatment for misaligned teeth. However, it is not the best option for everyone. This article goes over the basic eligibility criteria for Invisalign.

What makes a good candidate for Invisalign®?

Invisalign is a modern orthodontic treatment that involves a series of clear, removable aligners made specifically for the patient’s teeth. Unlike traditional braces, these aligners are virtually invisible and crafted from high-quality, medical-grade polyurethane resins. These clear aligners are designed to move the teeth incrementally to their desired positions and can be removed at the user's convenience.

The following are the criteria of ideal candidates for Invisalign treatment:


First, Invisalign eligibility is highly dependent on the patient’s age. Teenagers and adults benefit the most from this option because their teeth have fully developed, especially their molars. In addition, older patients often have the maturity and self-control to adhere to the treatment instructions and wear the aligners for at least 22 hours per day.

Mild-to-moderate misalignment

Invisalign is highly effective for correcting mild-to-moderate cases of dental misalignment. It is useful in treating a variety of medical issues, such as:

  • Overcrowding of teeth
  • Noticeable gaps or spaces between teeth
  • Various bite problems including overbites, underbites, and crossbites

Traditional braces or specialized orthodontic devices may better suit people with severe dental misalignments or complex orthodontic issues.


A patient's dedication to their Invisalign treatment is a major factor for success. The aligners' removable nature offers flexibility but also necessitates self-control. Patients who want to see results from their aligner treatment should be prepared to wear their trays for 20 to 22 hours per day. The aligners should only come off when they eat, brush their teeth, or attend special events.

Good oral health

Invisalign treatment is easier for patients with good oral health. Good oral hygiene is essential while wearing aligners to avoid dental problems like cavities and gum disease. These practices include keeping up with regular dental care routine of brushing, flossing, and checkups.

When is Invisalign not suitable?

Invisalign is usually not suggested for younger children. The alignment process can be more challenging because of their jaws' rapid growth and the emergence of new teeth. Possible alternatives to Invisalign for these cases include traditional braces and other orthodontic devices.

Although revolutionary, Invisalign is not a solution for complex dental cases. More extensive orthodontic treatment may be necessary for patients with severe dental problems or specific types of tooth misalignment.

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The bottom line

Invisalign® has taken orthodontics in a whole new direction by combining form and function. However, its functionality depends on the person using it. If you are wondering whether or not Invisalign aligners are right for you, a thorough dental evaluation can help you decide. The end goal is to have teeth that are both healthy and aesthetically pleasing. Schedule an appointment with our dental office today to learn more about your options.

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