4 Common Procedures Offered by a Kid Friendly Dentist

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Preventing dental problems is important to any kid friendly dentist. Daily oral hygiene practices can help keep dental issues at bay. There are common procedures capable of accomplishing this as well. If you want to reinforce your child’s dental health, here are the four common pediatric dental procedures to consider from your kid friendly dentist.

1.Dental sealant treatment

Brushing is not the only way to achieve healthy teeth. Once baby teeth emerge, it is important to keep them healthy and decay-free. Doing so will ensure the health of the emerging adult teeth. Some teeth in the back of the mouth are difficult to reach. A toothbrush is often inefficient in cleaning in between grooves and cracks.

These areas will develop decay if ineffective cleaning continues. That is why a kid friendly dentist recommends a dental sealant treatment. Sealants provide more protection from tooth decay. These are plastic resin. An application hardens and bonds in the grooves of the dental surfaces.

A sealed tooth does not retain plaque or food particles. Brushing becomes easier if teeth have dental sealants. Any kid friendly dentist would recommend sealing baby and adult teeth. Each child has specific needs. A dental sealant treatment can happen according to the patient’s dental situation.

Sealants can last for about three to five years. Yet many adults still have the sealants they had as children. A kid friendly dentist can help maintain the integrity of the child’s dental sealants. If the sealants come off, parents must schedule an appointment for resealing.


A kid friendly dentist also stresses the importance of protecting a young patient’s smile while playing contact sports. The jaw and mouth are prone to injuries during sports activities. A mouthguard can help reduce the risk of getting a dental injury. It protects the gums and teeth. A child must use a mouthguard while playing boxing, wrestling, and other vigorous types of sports.

Parents can consult a kid friendly dentist about the right type of mouthguard. There are fitted, custom-fit, and pre-made mouthguards. The mouthguard must be comfortable, well-fitted, and tear-resistant. It should be easy to maintain. The mouthguard must not obstruct breathing.

3.Dental extractions

Sometimes, a kid friendly dentist must extract a child’s tooth. Baby teeth may have long roots, preventing them from falling out by themselves. This prevents the proper eruption of adult teeth. There are also cases when baby teeth are decayed. These teeth put the gums, jaws, and neighboring teeth at risk of developing an infection as well. A dental extraction is the only way to correct the mentioned dental issues.

4.Space maintainers

A kid friendly dentist can also recommend space maintainers when a child loses a few baby teeth before the adult teeth come out. Injuries and tooth decay are common causes of early tooth loss. Space maintainers can hold a dental space from premature tooth loss. It holds the space open, preventing the neighboring teeth from shifting into it. This allows the adult teeth to have enough room upon eruption. The kid friendly dentist will remove the space maintainer at the right time.

Benefits of seeing a kid friendly dentist

A kid friendly dentist concentrates on the dental needs of children and teenagers. Young patients going through these stages of development may involve many growth cycles before 18 years of age. Dental treatments from this type of dentist support the teeth and gum health of these patients. It is important for kids and teens to form good dental care practices. A kid friendly dentist can help teach these young patients basic oral care routines. Here are the benefits of seeing a kid friendly dentist:

  • This dentist has extensive knowledge and training to work with young teeth, gums, and jaws. The techniques are effective and comfortable. Working with this dental care professional can secure a child’s healthy adult smile.
  • The children are calmer and happier during and after each appointment. Kids like to know what will happen during the dental checkup first before going to one. A kid friendly dentist will use a calm voice in explaining what will happen before starting any treatment. This can make the child relax during and after the checkup. The next appointment will be easier as well.
  •  One can understand a child’s dental growth and development better. The changes in young teeth and gums happen at a rapid rate. A kid friendly dentist oversees the care that a child needs. This can secure healthy teeth and gums during adulthood.
  • One can be more aware of a child’s dental health issues and childhood habits. Seeing a kid friendly dentist can help kids and parents use different solutions to stop bad habits and change negative behaviors toward dental care.

Common procedures from your kid friendly dentist will enhance your child’s dental health

Pediatric dentistry has available procedures for improving your child’s oral health. The type of procedure will depend on your child’s dental situation. Routine dental checks can help determine which can help your child the most. Your kid friendly dentist will check your child’s dental development while having any of the mentioned pediatric dental procedures.

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